Arxis Capital is an electronic market making firm that helps our clients navigate complex markets.


We provide first class client service and are focused on delivering the best execution and price improvement for our clients.




Arxis was founded in 2014 by a team of experienced trading, risk management, quantitative research and technology executives from Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Global Market Making business, together with seasoned market professionals from several other banks and trading firms.


Our name is derived from the Latin word Arx, meaning ‘stronghold.’ Like the Arx fortress that defended ancient Rome from the Capitoline Hill, we see Arxis Capital as a defensive structure for capital and clients interfacing with complex markets. Maintaining the highest level of risk management, compliance, capital preservation and client protection is at the heart of what we do.




Electronic market making is a growing industry driven by the continued electronification of markets.  Equity markets have transitioned from a traditional high touch exchange traded model to one of multiple venues relying on speed and electronic connectivity for best execution.


For the next decade, market making across all asset classes will continue on a permanent and irreversible trend towards the total automation of liquidity.


Arxis is perfectly positioned within this changing world. As banks  begin to move away from market making and capital provisioning, medium-sized trading firms offer a nimble, more efficient approach to trading. Everyday, Arxis quotes bids and offers for 10,000+ instruments, providing liquidity when our clients need it.


The Arxis Approach

Arxis delivers cash equities market making and trading capabilities with the broad instrument coverage and reliability that retail broker-dealers expect. Here are some of the ways we are able to deliver for our clients everyday.                                


High-Quality Execution

Achieving high-quality trade execution for our clients starts with expansive market expertise, low-latency trading systems and understanding your specific execution requirements. Our long and short term execution strategies are designed to take available liquidity across all major markets, enabling highly informed trading decisions.

  • Continuous, automated execution quality management
  • Order handling protocols of market and limit-order types
  • Risk parameters to control erroneous and inaccurate entries
  • Profound understanding of clients’ needs through extensive relationship assessments 

Leading Connectivity

We are continually enhancing technology to best serve our client needs and stay ahead in a constantly advancing world.

Our solutions support all industry standard line options, including TNS, SDB and Radianz, as well as propriety line handlers customized for each client through FIX 4.2.

Trading with Arxis means you have an equities market maker that can seamlessly connect you with virtually all of the major equities market centers.

Exceptional Client Service

From order acceptance to execution and settlement, Arxis provides a team of quantitative and technology-focused professionals behind every trade. We are continually enhancing and customizing our strategies, monitoring client performance in real-time and facilitating compliance with applicable securities laws, rules, and regulations.     

Dedicated Professionals

We are committed to helping retail broker-dealer clients meet their cash equities trading needs. Contact us to learn more.





Deep Technology

Our technology platform continues to evolve and has been developed, tested, and upgraded for over a decade.

Proprietary MODELS

Our trading and risk models and research teams are proven and diverse. They are constantly tested, reviewed and updated with cutting edge concepts from applied mathematics, statistics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer science. 

Robust Infrastructure

Building robust systems and infrastructure is invaluable in a global trading operation. Arxis maintains and updates infrastructure with coordinated processes to ensure seamless  updates to the leading edge of technology.  Being able to evolve with changes in the market and rapidly iterate are critical to success, and our uptime and attention to detail protects the bottom line of our clients.

Flexible Connectivity

Arxis offers connectivity to clients for trading venues and instruments around the world. Whether our clients have proprietary or off-the-shelf systems, we can easily accommodate and adapt our technology to work together.






We have a very strong leadership team of proven financial leaders with 25 years of experience in the markets. They actively engage with employees across the firm to encourage development and creativity.



We have the growth opportunities of a startup, the stability of a large and trusted market maker, and experienced professionals who challenge themselves and support each other. We learn by accepting responsibility and developing innovative and practical solutions to real problems.



Intellectual curiosity meets technology opportunity at Arxis.  The opportunities for personal growth and skill development at Arxis are unique due to our rapid growth. Skill development happens in compressed time and you gain more experience, opportunity, and reward in a shorter time frame than you might experience elsewhere. 


We employ intelligent and interesting people from a wide variety of diverse backgrounds including investment banking, trading, telecoms, exchanges, biotechnology, particle physics, computer science and many other areas. Individuals are respected for their unique contributions and our culture is very growth focused.






Our team is highly collaborative. As a rapidly growing business, our enthusiasm is driven by the need to support our teammates and clients as the business grows. It pushes us all to perform better.



We are not siloed like traditional firms in our industry. Our employees have the opportunity to learn across multiple disciplines within the firm and develop new competitive insights that add real value to the business and are rewarded accordingly.




Arxis is an important growing player in the automated market making space looking for exceptional people interested in both trading and technology. 



At Arxis, not only is the work interesting and challenging, but our employees play an integral part in our company’s growth. Employees learn with us as we grow into new opportunities and encounter exciting business challenges. They get a feeling of accomplishment as we continue to bring innovation to a classic industry.

The Brightest Minds

Arxis is always looking for the brightest and most talented individuals to help us improve the quality and stability of the financial markets. This includes world-class engineers to develop our infrastructure as well as top-notch quantitative developers to collect and analyze data to reliably deliver liquidity across all asset classes and maintain our excellent focus on customer service and risk management. 



Join us

We are currently hiring for a variety of engineering and quant positions in New York City, London and Hong Kong. Come join one of the fastest growing teams in the industry and help us improve the quality and stability of the financial markets.