We have a very strong leadership team of proven financial leaders with 25 years of experience in the markets. They actively engage with employees across the firm to encourage development and creativity.



We have the growth opportunities of a startup, the stability of a large and trusted market maker, and experienced professionals who challenge themselves and support each other. We learn by accepting responsibility and developing innovative and practical solutions to real problems.



Intellectual curiosity meets technology opportunity at Arxis.  The opportunities for personal growth and skill development at Arxis are unique due to our rapid growth. Skill development happens in compressed time and you gain more experience, opportunity, and reward in a shorter time frame than you might experience elsewhere. 


We employ intelligent and interesting people from a wide variety of diverse backgrounds including investment banking, trading, telecoms, exchanges, biotechnology, particle physics, computer science and many other areas. Individuals are respected for their unique contributions and our culture is very growth focused.






Our team is highly collaborative. As a rapidly growing business, our enthusiasm is driven by the need to support our teammates and clients as the business grows. It pushes us all to perform better.



We are not siloed like traditional firms in our industry. Our employees have the opportunity to learn across multiple disciplines within the firm and develop new competitive insights that add real value to the business and are rewarded accordingly.