Deep Technology

Our technology platform continues to evolve and has been developed, tested, and upgraded for over a decade.

Proprietary MODELS

Our trading and risk models and research teams are proven and diverse. They are constantly tested, reviewed and updated with cutting edge concepts from applied mathematics, statistics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer science. 

Robust Infrastructure

Building robust systems and infrastructure is invaluable in a global trading operation. Arxis maintains and updates infrastructure with coordinated processes to ensure seamless  updates to the leading edge of technology.  Being able to evolve with changes in the market and rapidly iterate are critical to success, and our uptime and attention to detail protects the bottom line of our clients.

Flexible Connectivity

Arxis offers connectivity to clients for trading venues and instruments around the world. Whether our clients have proprietary or off-the-shelf systems, we can easily accommodate and adapt our technology to work together.